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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Trade Possibilities

As the non-waiver trading deadline approaches, it's worthwhile (or at least entertaining) to speculate as to what moves the Braves might make. The obvious question is whether they should be buying or selling at the deadline. I think the last two weeks make it clear that they won't be selling. However, they're still four games below .500, and in seventh place in the wild card race. (Realistically, they have no shot at winning the division. If it happens, it will be because the Mets collapsed, and that doesn't seem likely.) So I don't expect that they'll be trading the farm away, either.

Of course, it's not like the Richmond or Mississippi rosters are full of players ready to play in the major leagues, either. Other than Saltalamacchia (whose status has taken at least some hit this season), the best prospects are in Rome and Myrtle Beach. That's going to affect what the Braves can trade for, since teams prefer higher-level prospects. The Braves do have room in the budget (reportedly $6 million), which means they can take on a salary dump.

Another problem is that the players on the major league roster the Braves would probably be most willing to trade (Diaz, Pratt, Giles, almost anyone in the bullpen) either don't have much value or don't fit too well with most potential trade partners. For example, the Pirates and Devil Rays don't need a second baseman.

One rumor flying around right now is Jorge Sosa for Ray King. That sounds to me like the type of deal we can expect. Is King an upgrade on Sosa? That's a good question, but it seems unlikely that he'd be a downgrade. And right now, that may be all we can hope for.


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