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Friday, July 21, 2006

We're ahead of the Phillies?

When did that happen? I must have been asleep or something. Anyway, that means instead of using this series to catch up, we need to use it to at least hold the measly one game lead we have on them right now. It's one of those oddball four game series that runs through Monday, and we don't use our fifth starter (whoever that is this week) in it, so that's good.'s transactions still don't show who got sent down to make room for Wickman. I'm betting on Barry. The game notes aren't up yet either.

However, the starting lineup is up at Yahoo, and it appears Betemit is starting at 2B again. That's a whole week Giles has missed. And with the twelve-man pitching staff, I really wish that the Braves would have put Giles on the 15-day DL and brought up either Prado or Lil' Tony. Playing with a short bench hasn't hurt them yet, but why take the chance?


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