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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2010 Outfield

Yeah, as usual, not a lot of posts here...  So this will be something between a preview and a review, I guess.

Melky Cabrera started out even worse than I expected, and has managed to progress all the way to "almost useful baseball player".  To be fair, the "almost" is probably not necessary, but he just doesn't look like he should be even useful, so...  He looks like he's out of shape, and doesn't hit enough for that to work.

Eric Hinske has ended up playing a lot more left field than I would have expected, but he's been useful, nothing more.  Omar Infante has also gotten a few games in the outfield.  As to why there have been infielders getting significant playing time in the outfield...

Matt Diaz was hurt, tried to play through it, and then spent most of the first half of the season recovering from thumb surgery.  Since he came back, he's been doing what I would have expected him to do.  That's good.  Unfortunately, Nate McLouth started off even worse than Melky did (really!), got a concussion, and then came back worse than ever (really!).  He's just been sent to AAA to try to work things out.  I'm not optimistic, but after seeing him answer questions about the demotion, I am definitely pulling for him.

Jason Heyward has been everything that could have been realistically hoped for, and then some.  Of course, he missed a few weeks as well, with a thumb injury.  And worse, he had tried to play through it, and hurt the team while that happened.  I had my doubts about starting him in Atlanta this year (I preferred the idea of him going to AAA for a month or two), but the Braves were right about that.

With the injuries, Gregor Blanco has had an opportunity to ressurect his career.  He'll never be a full-time player, but he does have skills.  Somehow, despite a complete and utter lack of power, he can get walks...

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