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Friday, September 25, 2009

Bobby Cox

So, Bobby Cox has announced that 2010 will be his last year in the dugout. Interestingly enough, when I first became a Braves fan, Bobby was the brand-new manager of the team. So for me, it's really the end of a very long era - albeit one that was briefly interrupted by his sojorn north of the border...

The moves that the front office has made this offseason are especially odd given Bobby's impending retirement. I fully expected a push to "win one more for Bobby", including poorly thought out trades of minor league prospects. Instead, the moves made have been largely conservative in nature. I'm not enamored of most of these moves, but they're better than some of the alternatives.

Anyway, I'll be sorry to see Bobby go. I'm not sure whether his leaving will work out for the better. It's hard to make that judgement until we see who the Braves replace him with. Pendleton would seem to be the early front-runner, but you would think that if the front office thought he should get the job, that would have been said. After all, who expected Roger McDowell to replace Leo Mazzone?



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