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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Week in review (w/e May 13)

That was a very good week. OK, it didn't end so well, getting blown out by the Pirates. And it did start with a loss. But everything in between was a win. A 5-2 week is very good indeed.

Chuck James had a terrible start on Monday, but then followed it up with an incredible start against the Pirates. Consistency would be nice, though. He's supposed to be the #3 starter, but he's only averaging about 5 1/3 innings a start.

Anthony Lerew, on the other hand, had a great start on Tuesday, which he followed up with a terrible start on Sunday. Either way, though, he's an improvement over what Redman had been providing. Lerew's probably going back to the minors this week, though, as Redman is ready to come off the DL. With luck, Lerew's decent showing will put Redman on a short leash.

Chipper Jones is hurt (big surprise there, right?). It's not his feet, though, so maybe the rest will pay off overall. Smoltz dislocated his pinky, but I'd put the odds of him missing a start near 0%. I just hope the injury doesn't affect his motion, and cause a more serious injury.

Francoeur has cooled off somewhat, but he's still hitting about .300. He hasn't had a walk in over a week, though, which is a cause for concern. Andruw has yet to have a hot streak, which is an even bigger concern. And the expiration date on Pete Orr has obviously passed. It's time to send him back to AAA and bring up Prado.

On the plus side, I'm thrilled to see that Peter Moylan seems to have become a dependable middle reliever. I love to see guys like that succeed. (Incidentally, Pete Orr's another of my favorite fringe-type players. I wish he was better.) I'm not sure who the Braves have playing LF these days, but he's pretty darn good. His uniform says "Harris" on the back, but the only Harris on the roster is a guy named Willie Harris, and he's not any good at all.



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