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Thursday, April 26, 2007

A lot has happened...

Since I last posted. My bad.

There was an ugly split with the Cubs, where the Braves won the game with a bad start from Kyle Davies, and lost the game that featured what was likely the best start Mark Redman will ever turn in wearing a Braves uniform.

Then there was a weekend series where the Braves took two of three from the Mets. Again, they won a game with a less-than-ideal start (from Smoltz this time, who really seems to tire quickly. I hope he's not pitching through an injury...). The bright spots there were another strong start from Hudson, and the comeback on Sunday. But Chuck James pitched terribly on Saturday...

And then, losing two of three to the Marlins. This time, an absolutely atrocious start from Redman, another bad start for Davies, and yet another strong start from Hudson (wasted because Bobby Cox let Hudson go for the complete game instead of ensuring the win).

So, what are we starting to figure out, now that the season's about a month old?

The starting rotation is full of question marks. Tim Hudson is not one of them. Neither is Mark Redman, for a completely different reason.

The bullpen is strong, overall. It's not perfect, but there's not the bad feeling in the pit of my stomach every time a reliever enters the game that was there at this time last year.

The offense is uneven, to be charitable. Chipper, McCann, and Johnson are all doing well. Francoeur is exceeding any rational expectations. Andruw is not off to a hot start, but that's not unusual. 1B and LF are largely black holes so far.

Expect the Braves to start making some changes in a couple of weeks. Mid- to late-May is the usual timeframe for that.

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