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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Braves 2, Mets 1

After the worst loss in a home opener ever (for the Atlanta Braves, at least), things got better as the weekend went on. I wish I'd seen more of the games, but the holiday weekend kept me away from the TV. (Not that I didn't have a good weekend - it's just that the games tended to be on at the same time as I was visiting with family. So it goes.)

I look at Friday's game as just one of those games. The team is going to lose 60 games or so, minimum, and you can expect that some of those will be blowouts. Big deal.

The starting pitching held up pretty well all weekend, which is a good thing. Smoltz was Smoltz, Davies was good Davies (although it would be nice if he could go more than five innings), and Redman was about what you should expect from him. Which is to say, he looked like a fifth starter.

What was I unhappy about with this weekend's games? Well, on Sunday, when Bobby decided to empty his bench by pinch-hitting for all his platoon guys in the seventh inning, I nearly had to be restrained. Leaving only Pete Orr and Brayan Pena (who's unlikely to be used as a pinch-hitter) on the bench in a one-run game is getting carried away, in my opinion. But it did work out (no thanks to those moves, though), so I'll deal with it. At some point, that sort of thing is going to lead to a loss in extra innings, though.

Next up, the Nationals, who should be swept. (It's already off to a good start...)



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