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Saturday, October 21, 2006

2007 Rotation Possibilities III: The Injured Lefties

For those of you not paying attention, that would be Ramirez and Hampton. To me, they're both big question marks. Hampton had shown signs of being at least league-average again in 2005, but who knows whether he'll be able to do anything after a whole year out? And Ramirez looked to be McDowell's big success story last season, but couldn't stay healthy at all. My gut feeling is that if you put them together, you might get one starter's production. Not a top of the rotation starter, though. Odds are, that won't work out, though, as they're likely to both be hurt or ineffective at the same time....

Here's the bad news. So far, we seem to have an abundance of middle of the rotation guys. And it's pretty much downhill from here, unless you have really high expectations of Davies and James. (I'll cover them next.)

I'll edit this one over the weekend and add stat lines.


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