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Monday, May 07, 2007

Another series win

While it's never good to waste a strong start (this one by Hudson on Saturday), there's no denying that winning two of three games every series is an excellent way to win the division. (In case you're weak in math, that equates to a .667 winning percentage, which would be 108 wins on the season.) OK, so the Braves haven't quite won 2 of 3 every time, but it's close enough.

Anyway, since the Dodgers appear to have given up on Betemit, do you think they'd be willing to trade him back to us? Aybar and Orr for Betemit!

Next up, four against the Padres. Peavy will not pitch in the series, which is a bit of luck for the Braves. (I could see 20 strikeouts for him...) Greg Maddux against John Smoltz on Wednesday night ought to be a really good game, or at least a good story. And it'll be interesting to see who takes the mound for the Braves tomorrow night. says it's likely to be the Vulture. Yahoo sports says it'll be Kevin Barry. It could also be Anthony Lerew (who's apparently straigtened things out in AAA this year, and will probably end up making some starts in the majors before the summer's out.



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