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Monday, September 06, 2010

Entering September

A few thoughts, in mostly random order...
  • The trade with the Royals hasn't worked out very well.  Blanco's doing well in KC, and Ankiel is terrible - bad enough that he's been largely benched in favor or Melky and McLouth.  Ouch.  (Farnsworth hasn't been any better than Chavez had been, either...)
  • The offense seems to have disappeared completely of late.  Is this related to sacrificing OBP for power, in the Ankiel and Gonzalez trades?  Especially since that power has been MIA in Ankiel's case?
  • Would Fredi Gonzales really choose to manage the Cubs instead of the Braves?  While it seems like a crazy question at first, consider the fact that the Cubs have an actual owner, while the Braves are owned by a corporation who doesn't actually want the team.
  • Will the Braves get any production out of first base the rest of the year?  So far, Lee doesn't look any less done than Glaus did.  Freeman needs more opportunities, and soon.
I may have a post looking forward to the offseason soon.  Yes, it's early, but there are a lot of questions facing Frank Wren this offseason...



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