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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Two weeks in

So, the season is about two weeks old, and the Braves are at .500.  That's actually better than I would have expected, although having played a third of their games against the Padres certainly helped.

What can we say about the team so far?  Not much.  They're certainly not a good team; the four wins against the Padres weren't actually that impressive.  They're not a particularly bad team either, barring a serious injury to Freddie Freeman.  Because he's definitely the best player on the team, and over the past year one of the best players in all of MLB.

In any case, this season only matters in how much of a step forward the youngsters - especially the young pitchers - make.  They're mostly still in the minors at this point.  If a number of them force their way onto the big league roster, then the season is a success.  If they can't do that, the season is not a success, and in fact the rebuild may not succeed either.

Of the guys not in the minors, Teheran is looking good so far, but Foltynewicz is a mess.  It's really early, of course, and especially for pitchers, small sample sizes are a danger.


  • I hope you keep going... Braves look improved, definitely.

    By Blogger Tybalt, at 3:48 PM  

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